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Mercedes CLS320 CDI Sports

The Mercedes CLS320 is the ultimate when it comes to saloon luxury; it is very popular for weddings and for couples who may just want a romantic break. The Mercedes is simply the ultimate in luxury however this car has more to it than luxury; the CLS can reach 0-60mph in just 7 seconds and has 224bhp to help it cruise through.

From the grill at the front of the car to the side skirts it’s a fabulous looking vehicle and with full leather interior you won’t be disappointed with the inside of the vehicle, it has also has phone capabilities, Bluetooth and a built in Sat-nav everything a luxury vehicle needs at their disposal.


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The Mercedes CLS 320 is one of the most popular chauffeured saloon cars in the world and we are proud to own one on our fleet. The Mercedes CLS 320 almost started the whole luxury car service nearly 10 years ago and with the updated shapes coming out this is certainly the best looking CLS 320, we have a vast array of colours in the 320 and it is perfect car for business runs or conference meetings. When you look at the Mercedes you almost think of a business man straight away and it gives off a look of elegance.